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Below you can find answers to frequently asked questions about appointments, our services and costs. I encourage you to contact me if you don’t find answers you are looking for. I’m happy to help!

What kind of acne can be treated?

Acne grades 1-6 (mild, moderate to severely inflamed, non-inflamed & combination acne), cystic acne, hormonal acne, acne rosacea, teen acne, mature or adult acne, chest and back acne.

How do I know it will work?

Tried everything and still have acne? The Acne Bootcamp Program has 90% success rate, Face Reality are the leaders in clearing acne. This is an exclusive protocol to set you up with a customized plan + products that will deliver life-changing results.

What is the initial cost?

The initial investment on products is averaged around $160 ( a complete AM + PM regimen is required for acne bootcamp). Most of the products will last about 8-12 weeks depending on the product and the regimen that you are placed on. The active ingredient products are purposefully put in smaller containers as these will be strengthened at different points in your bootcamp. The cost of treatments/follow up treatments are $85. It typically takes about 6 treatments over a 3 month period (bi-weekly appointments) of time to see results. If you come in for just a consultation the cost is $50. If you choose to not move forward the consultation fee is non-refundable. If you come in for a consultation + treatment, which is what most people do, the cost is $125
(this is the best option for those who are ready to get started).

How long will the appointments take?

The first consultation will take 45 minutes (not including treatment), if you are receiving treatment with your consultation is schedule for 90 minutes to ensure we have plenty of time. Bi-weekly appointments will be 45-60 minutes. When you start getting clearer, there will be less extractions to do, so appointments may take less time.

What should I expect during my appointments?

I will consult with you regarding your skin, lifestyle, diet, prior history with skincare and treatments, etc. I will analyze your acne and help you figure out what type of acne and what may be causing your particular condition. You will receive information regarding products, diet recommendations, medications, etc. We will take some base progress photos to track each time you come in. We will test your skin for sensitivities, and you will receive a routine suited for your acne type and instructions on how to use them. If you are getting a treatment, we will perform the treatment which includes a mild corrective peel with extractions, high frequency, and LED or a gentle enzyme treatment with steam, high frequency, LED, and extractions.

*Generally speaking neither of these treatments are uncomfortable. You may or may not experience some mild peeling after these treatments.

Why do extractions?

This is the fastest way to get you clear - We extract any current lesions, your home care + treatments will prevent new lesions from forming. It takes 90 days for acne to form and reach the surface of your skin. In the time we are working together you will see breakouts. These are old lesions coming to the service that we will extract during your bi-weekly appointments.

Do I have to use your products?

Yes, this is a large part of our program. There are many brands on the marketplace that have pore-clogging ingredients in them. To ensure clearing your skin, we recommend only using Face Reality Products alone. Acne is tricky enough to treat so we don’t want to take any chances with harmful or comedogenic products.

Do I have to get treatments?

Yes if you live close enough, it is in your best interest to get bi-weekly acne treatments. This is the fastest way to get clear. It also helps us to monitor your at home care and make any adjustments we may need to.

What if I am on prescription products?

Depending on the prescription you may be required to stop usage before starting Acne Bootcamp. They can possibly make your skin to sensitive to use the system. 

What is the youngest age you take for acne bootcamp clients?

I will take clients at whatever age they are breaking out. Acne doesn’t discriminate. However, minors need to be accompanied by an adult and guardians will need to give consent in order to treat minors.

What if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

I can still treat you for acne, but first I will ask you speak to your physician and get a list as to what ingredients they want you to avoid.

Ready to book your Acne Bootcamp Consultation?

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